As a student for life of yoga, I have the qualifications to share what I’ve learnt. As I develop and grow, my sessions also evolve but I have the philosophy of “no man left behind”. Yes, a general class contains a number of levels of ability from absolute newbie to those more advanced than me.

But what I’ve learnt is this – as long as the ego is suspended, everyone has the benefits of yoga-mined treasures.

What do I mean?

As a teacher, my enoughness is enough (although, I haven’t always felt this way). Even though I know my body has areas to develop a more comprehensive practice, I also have the knowledge to share a well rounded and safe session with the students who resonate with my teachings.

And with the students – the ego can really trip us up. “I don’t want to look foolish…” “I should be able to do the same as the rest of the class…” “I want to do more…”

On and on it goes…

Everyone has been an absolute newbie in the beginning of their yoga journey.
Even advanced practitioners reap benefits from exploring and revisiting the basics again and again.
So in my classes, the basics are the starting point, then we add on exploring our personal growing edges.

Have the mindset of willingness to rediscover the basics and the presence to know where you are moving deeper into your practice.

And be ok with all of it. Check your ego at the door, before you step onto the mat.

It is not a performance.

It’s not a show about ‘outdoing’ your fellow yogis. I reach further… I hold longer… I can and you can’t (na na na na na).
“LOOK AT ME! I’m the only one doing this pose!!”

Yoga is a practice. 

Witness your evolving transformation… even after decades of practice. But most importantly –  witness the mind chatter. Are you comparing your ability to others or even your previous self (I could do this last time…) or are you seeing yourself shift awareness to observer with no attachment to a standard? That’s the ultimate goal as you take that mindset off the mat and into your life.

Explore your edges – and allow yoga to show the way.