I am not one for setting resolutions.  My philosophy is if you want to change something, why wait until the new year when you can start right now?

Whether it’s to eat better, exercise more regularly, to stay calm, spend more time with those that make you feel good, why wait?  Wouldn’t it be better to do all of those things right now?  We don’t know how many sands are left in our hourglass…

It is however, a great time to sit and take stock… reflect on your direction, circumstances and situation and decide if all is how you would like it to be.

If not, time to set some new goals…

I read recently that resolutions usually fail by the 10th Jan.  It takes time to change a habit, and that is what we are doing really.  Replacing one habit with another, hopefully a more healthier one.

And we will stumble, and that’s ok as well.  “It’s not the number of times you fall, it’s the number of times you get back up.”

As with anything worth having in life, it takes energy and commitment to succeed.  However we also need to keep perspective—the much talked about ‘work-life balance’—so we are able to enjoy the fruits of our labour and just being in the present moment…

“What use is a flash car or fabulous mansion

if your body needs medication to control blood pressure, cholesterol and stress? 

Or your mind needs sleeping pills to ‘switch off’ at night?”

May 2012’s exciting transformational energy create and deliver all of your desires. 

Dare to dream BIG!