I am loving my new location.

After being grounded in bush surroundings for almost 20 yrs, I’ve found my way to a seaside township and I’m getting cleansed with clear salty air, healing with the ocean waves reminding me of the ebb and flow – the highs and surrender – of life… and I love the active lifestyle this community embraces.

There’s great facilities with walking paths, a large cycling group and strong triathlon tribe, and of course a multitude of beach activities such as surfing, paddle-boarding, surf life saving (we are in the sub tropics of Queensland Australia after all!!)

What I find perplexing is whilst we are surrounded by all this natural beauty of the coastline – waves, clean sand, breeze, sunrise, sunshine, sunset, moon-rise, the horizon with sailing boats and a distant shipping channel – is that many out using the outdoors for physical activity, are so closed to what is going on around them.

I muse as I pass many – What are they listening to in those ear buds?

Yoga and meditation practices encourage us to witness our thoughts, reflect without judgment and embrace what is.

So, can I suggest actually leaving the phones and ipods at home and allowing your senses to be entertained by nature?

A reflection to contemplate – are you listening to music to distract yourself from your thoughts? What are you avoiding? When are your thoughts meant to be explored if you don’t allow space?

Are you sleeping soundly with wonderful dreams or are they haunted? Our minds need process time to digest our day just as much as our stomachs need time to digest our foods.

If we are constantly creating situations of white noise to avoid some deep thoughts bubbling up, the noise to help us ignore some uncomfortable emotions or feelings, so we can continue to live an unfulfilling life – how can this be healthy along with all that physical activity your body is doing??

What foods are you feeding your mind?

Are your thoughts uplifting or critical?

What is your mind telling you about your body? Your job? Your relationship?

You need to present to hear it. Just stop the distraction and diversion and Listen.

Give your mind the gift of what nature has to offer. Let it be medicine. And you will reap rewards.

Eyes up. Ears open.