LOVE this is not a one size fits all program

In my career I spend my days espousing the importance of self care but I have not practiced what I preach and found myself getting fatter, tireder and more disconnected from myself.  I tried numerous restrictive diets and fads to bring myself back in line but found them unsustainable, blaming myself for failing. Then the universe directed me to you and this program – hallelujah!! It just makes sense to me. Small, sustainable changes that are putting me on the path to better health – physically and emotionally. It’s gentle which works for me but it also provides future direction – there’s no end goal or destination but simply an acceptance of where I’m at and where I can go. In practical senses I liked getting the resources early – I could mentally prepare and there was no secrets as to what was to come. I also LOVE that this is not a one size fits all program – it’s about working from where you are – A to B or Y to Z – just as you promised Sheralee!! I guess that’s the other thing – it doesn’t make false promises or pretend to be the ultimate answer – it just shows you there’s another way that may work better for you and guides you in your exploration of this.

So end result thus far – I’m a few kilos lighter, emotionally clearer and calmer and definitely more connected to me!!  Thanks Sheralee for your guidance because even though these changes are small they’ve made a huge difference to my family and I and that’s the stuff that’s priceless.

Sarah Birch

Doctors Appointments no longer as regular

“I came to see you as a ‘last resort’ after a mutual friend thought you might be able to help me. The Poly cystic kidney disease was progressing quickly. I had been seeing various doctors (my local GP as well as specialists which required frequent trips to Brisbane too) for kidney failure as my blood tests showed the function levels continued to fall.

They were keeping a very close eye on me but any treatment didn’t seem to be helping. They were starting to prepare for dialysis and I wanted to see what else could help me.

And I’m so amazed! …read more

Waiting for the next ‘hit’

I’d been living in a bit of a daze – existing, no real goal, so no real purpose – after the horrid death from cancer of both parents.

In the background, my back/hip/leg pain had been steadily getting worse… lingering sciatic pain from two previous back surgeries fighting to be heard as I forgot protocols and put on weight. I don’t remember HOW I first heard about the Horstmann Technique, but I most certainly remember the first visit! …read more

Bulging Discs Pain Managed

I had fallen heavily and awkwardly 4 days prior and had injured my spine. The doctors discovered bulging discs at L3/4/5 and I was in a lot of pain, could move only very cautiously. I was having regular sessions with a physiotherapist.

With my session goal to be ‘pain free’, I booked in for a Raindrop Technique to see if it may help a little. But it did so much more than that!

Physical and Spiritual results

The Raindrop Technique massage with Sheralee was my first. I do have neck and back issues. The oils were amazing on a physical as well as spiritual level. By being quiet and present throughout the massage I could feel my body doing different things with some of the oils. So much so at one particular time that I ended up asking Sheralee which oil was she using because the sigh I gave out after that oil was so relaxing – almost like relief.

A gift…

I saw you at the Childers Festival yesterday and you performed some Horstmann Therapy on me. I just wanted to say thank you for the kind and nurturing manner in which you treated me. I am at a very low point and felt as though it was a real gift that I met you and had the treatment.

Natural Skeptic

Being a natural skeptic, I initially had doubts about the Horstmann Technique. At the time I was referred for a fair level of lower back pain by a naturopath – probably due to a combination of the normal aging process and a misspent youth.

The application bought immediate results. My pain levels decreased significantly and my mobility improved greatly. I continued to have fortnightly sessions and improvements are quite evident.

Shoulders – the load is lighter…

I started having monthly Horstmann Technique sessions to help my shoulders. They suffer chronic aches and pain from the heavy work I do and I thought it may help give relief.

I found that not only have my shoulders improved, but after my very first session I also noticed improvement with my balance in my yoga class.

With the combination of these regular sessions and my yoga practice, I am able to cope much better with the trials that life throws at me.  I was surprised at how well I handled when a relationship ended, and recently I have had family challenges which I am taking one step at a time and coping with the additional load physically and emotionally.


Thank you for the wonderful Horstmann Technique – my experience so far has been positive. I feel like a load has been removed from deep within – although I had no idea that I had it!

There is a spark in my steps now and I feel very grounded and whole. It feels like a big load lifted from my shoulders!


After noticing the amazing effects and changes in my husband since he has commenced the Horstmann Technique, I wish to tell you the wonderful results that I have noticed in him.

Not only myself but the children have all noticed the differences. My husband is more energetic, much less stressed physically and emotionally. He is exerting his charisma and seems to be in harmony with himself and all others.

You have managed to unblock and release many emotionally and unhealed structural strains and injuries which he has carried for many many years.