It is human nature to feel good when we link with the breath, and open to spirit.
We know this to be true because many wise men and women throughout history have told us this is so. It is our natural state to be enlightened, but we have clogged it up with all our stuff. If there are many out there who have “glimpsed” the enlightened state (and I believe there are – not just the Dalai Lama), why do so few reflect it? Why do so many of us live our lives in frustration trying to find something that is ours already?

As it says in the holy books, a seed needs water and light to grow. Drop it on stony ground and it is lost. We need the right conditions in order to develop our true, God-given nature. However, much of the lives that we lead are like that stony ground.

That is why we need teachers. Hopefully, they show us how to realise our potential. The right instruction at the right time from the right teacher is like water and sunlight to a seed. In this age of information and communication, the opportunity to realise our talent and potential has never been more real or available, but because of the myriad of things happening at the one time, the information static and overload, the opportunity for enlightenment is rarely taken.

The teacher is the bestower of this wonderful state, this natural enlightenment. As teachers we give this gift to others. Years ago I had the opportunity to speak with a well known adventurer. He was telling me about his sojourn in the Kalahari with the Bushmen. One evening they made camp and a family group entered their camp site. This group had been traveling for many miles, and needed water. Each drank what they needed and then moved on. They didn’t say thank you because helping each other was such a natural part of their society that thank you’s were not necessary. The bushmen were not ungrateful. It was an affirmation of the connectedness they felt with everyone.

All teachers are actually ourselves helping ourselves, and the focus of our gratitude should be inwards. Our teachers should lead us inwards. They should enable us to link with the “God” within.

To advance spiritually we need honesty, the desire to change, and the courage to look inside ourselves, and the sangha.

The call is not one to happiness… it is TO AUTHENTICITY.