Don’t know whether you have ever really looked at the Caduseus – you know, the two snakelike images winding around a rod that is the universal symbol of healthcare practitioners.

Look closely, especially at the really old depictions on statues and buildings. You will see the two snakelike images winding around a rod and on the top of the rod is a pine cone (the very oldest images even depict the scales).

I wonder if you have ever connected this image with yoga? Look closely and you will see the central channel (the symbol for the central nervous system), together with Ida and Pingala. The Pinecone on the top is clearly a reference to the Pineal gland which sits between the two hemispheres of the brain. It is the highest point in our whole energy system and connects us to another order of reality. The name of the gland sounds like the word PINE, and it is called PINEAL because it actually looks like a pine cone.

The Caduseus depicts infinite flow. We are designed so that the ascending flow does not stop at the pineal, and it does not stop at the lowest chakras. It emanates out into the matter of our world.

We are designed to let the ascending flow reach upwards beyond our meager understanding of the world, but humanity has gotten itself into a predicament in which it lives within a narrow band of immediate experience, cut off from its transcending potential.

Understanding this is the key to spiritual practice.

(Rev Jahne Hope-Williams)