… Essential oils are highly advanced medicines – they are another level above and dimension beyond where pharmaceutical drugs are today.

One of the problems with antibiotics and antimicrobial agents used today is that they generate ultimately resistant strains of bacteria (bacteria figure out the compounds & become genetically resistant to them and then their offspring are no longer affected by them); this renders the antibiotics & antiseptics ineffective; the bacteria are resistant.

The pharmaceutical answer is to get some stronger antiseptics which are highly toxic to people; and stronger antibiotics which can kill the patient. We already have 2 antibiotics that can do that – Vancomycin & Metacyline (not usually prescribed unless you were going to die anyway so they hope the antibiotic will kill off the bacteria before the antibiotic kills you) and that’s where we are at – all the antibiotics & antimicrobial agents today are doomed to be ineffective. But essential oils are different…

It is impossible for bacteria to adapt and become resistant to essential oils. There are a number of reasons –

1. Essential oils are complex (a single essential oil will have up to 400 compounds whereas an antibiotic will have 1 or 2 active ingredients so are very simple).  

2. Even if the bacteria did figure the oil out, it wouldn’t be any good for long. Produced by nature, the oils never twice the same. Every year essential oils change because they are not produced on assembly lines or laboratory. They are produced by nature & nature never repeats itself (rainfall, temperatures…). The oils in a live plant change from day to day, hour to hour, season to season, year to year depending on environmental conditions. Similar to our blood which changes, it’s not the same from morning, to evening depending on what we require in activity. And plants are the same—adapt to what they need.  So because the oils never twice the same, the bacteria can never succeed in figuring out.

3. God’s medicine is permanent. It lasts forever. Oils found in Egyptian tombs 3000 yrs old are still effective against microbes.  Whereas man-made medicine is only temporary – it will eventually become obsolete…

(YL CD 126)