After the excess water flowed out to sea & whirly winds eased in Bundaberg, a group of yoga teachers and meditation facilitators joined to provide free relaxation sessions in service to our community post these natural disasters.

This gift was to assist those affected, either directly or indirectly, and help bring some peace to their minds (and hopefully hearts), as participants realised they are supported and nurtured. The intention was initially planned to continue the sessions until it was deemed no longer supported by the community.

After 14 weekly sessions guided by 7 facilitators, who shared their energy with over 170 attendees, it has proven to be embraced and valued, so it is time to flow on and step further along the path and explore more of what these practices have to offer our bodies, minds and especially spirits.

The relaxation sessions will evolve in fortnightly…

2nd Fri/mth for Bhakti Yoga, the path of spiritual devotion, is the cultivation of unconditional spiritual love. Bhakti works with fuel of emotions and teaches us how to have a romance with life itself.

In Bhakti, MUSIC is medicine. Singing a mantra opens your heart, releases your pain and don’t worry about your voice sounds like – Bhakti chanting is about awakening our hearts and healing old traumas. Discover a devotional way of life and come to chant with us!

4th Fri/mth for Meditation. There are no more secrets about meditation. Meditation can reduce stress, alleviate anxiety and depression, increase attention, creativity and deepen compassion for others, among its many other benefits!

Regular meditation can also change the physical structure of the brain and make the brain better at cognitive functions such as processing information and forming memories.

Find your path through meditation ~ discover your unlimited capacity.

Breath… Chant… Meditate… Feel…