I think people want to feel spiritual or mystical when they are doing meditation.

I believe it should just be something you do every day “expecting nothing”.

It is from just sitting and doing the practice from which understanding emerges. There will be days when the discipline even for just three minutes comes with great effort. We all struggle on the path.

Beginning with a daily practice of just 3 minutes enhances the ability to pay attention and calm the mind whether you are actually on the mat or off it.

Such a small thing but meaningful… and for those who have tried meditation before and failed (perhaps because they started at too steep a gradient), it is not about how long your meditations are, but what you feel when you are done, and in your day.

Same time, same place, every day – JUST 3 MINUTES.Everybody can spare 3 minutes per day.

I guarantee that it will change your life.

Sit still, close your eyes, breathe…

 (Yoga First)

Prayer is speaking to God.

Meditation is listening to His answers.