I am amazed when I reflect on what has occurred in my life over the last 5 years.  Let me fill you in on a little of it…

Whilst working as a registered nurse, I was becoming unsettled with the profession.  After 20+ years, I could see the direction the future was headed and unfortunately I did not like it – the health care system not fulfilling the needs of the patient.  I began to look for another way I can help others towards wellness.

So 5 years ago I started my journey in healing therapies which continues to this day.  I have found this enormously beneficial and it fills me with joy that I can offer these services to others.

(Having said that, it has been a learning experience for me to allow others to choose wellness as I can not help them if they do not choose it for themselves.)

I have grown my small business whilst working part time until I resigned from nursing last year.

And now a new chapter  is beginning—opening my own premises, offering yoga as well as the healing therapies I have learnt, all from under the one roof.  This is an exciting time and my hope is that others embrace this experience too.  I hope you like your new yoga room!


I have the strength to shield my stillness within….