One thing about money is to spend it, let it flow so that it will run in a circle and come back to you.

I realized this as I was postponing myself to buy the new computer too many times. I keep telling myself wait till I have a budget, wait till I have a budget.

Do you know what? I do have a budget but I was unwilling to let go of the savings. Yet if I don’t let go of it, then the cycle will stay put and not come to me much.

For weeks, I hadn’t wanted to let go of the oldie because I told myself I can still tolerate it. Yet the overheated touch-pad has already burned into my fingertips too many times as I do not use a mouse.

And finally I had to let it go yesterday for the reason of the circle/cycle described above. If I upgrade, I can serve more people and do more teaching. And finally I have let go of my OLD and will soon be starting ANEW.

What will come back – and WILL COME BACK, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT – is the new that I have started today.

Money is a circle, there’s nowhere it will go but come back.

(author unknown)