As we have new friends joining Dharma Connection, and therapeutic grade essential oils are a passion of mine, I would like to explain in simple terms what essential oils are.

I find it interesting that some people “poo poo” essential oils, thinking the effects are “just in your head”. Well, in fact, this is true…..a little.  Essential oils do have a profound ability to affect our brain and brain waves, helping to carry oxygen to this very important part of our body (they can actually cross the blood-brain barrier… no man made medicine can do that).  However, there is a lot more to it.

A lecturer in Chemistry at Macquarie University in Sydney liaises with Australian Aboriginal Elders who guide her to the plants that their culture has viewed as medicinal plants. She then studies those plants, to isolate the “active” ingredients. These ingredients are then reproduced synthetically, and this is the foundation for pharmaceutical medicine.

However – very often the active constituent is found inside the essential oil of the plant. Using essential oils is therefore like using pharmaceuticals in a natural form.

When essential oils are produced correctly, they retain their full fingerprint of constituents (often 80 or more constituents). This complete fingerprint is perfectly balanced, and works synergistically in the human body. For this reason, essential oils don’t tend to create detrimental side effects.

That’s why high quality essential oils are fast becoming the #1 choice for many health practitioners (there are hospitals overseas where the prescribed treatment is essential oils!) and health-conscious people.

“Essential oils have been shown to destroy all tested bacteria and viruses while simultaneously restoring balance to the body.”