(if you missed THE FIRST PART – read it here Daily Habits = Future Experience)

It’s 12 month on and this is the deal…

The most obvious result, to the outsider looking in, is 6 kgs of excess weight has been released from my body and it’s staying off… which means I’ve dropped a dress size (although it did take ages to realise – I kept thinking the elastics were all wearing out in my pants at the same time!)

The green smoothies for breakfast continue & have become a stalwart. The recipe gets refined with the cooler weather (I change the fat source to ghee and I warm the nut milk) otherwise it stays pretty consistent. I feel so nourished and balanced when I start the day with these – although it’s very noticeable when I don’t… it’s in the absence that I see & feel the benefit the most.

Most evident to me and my inner growth-work is that I’m getting more acquainted and accepting my Pitta-Kapha constitution – including the determined Pitta mind… it’s been like a relief to know that my buttons are pretty much universal with other like-doshic peeps! (Get to know your DOSHA too)

And how my body delights in ‘glistening’ (aka sweating!)… another ‘Pitta’ trait. All that sport I enjoyed as a kid & teenager makes total sense now! Why did I think as an adult that was not the thing to do anymore? The shift work as a nurse was not conducive to the regular team sports commitment I was used to but the annual gym membership (which I paid 3 TIMES and basically only attended one aerobics class per year!!!) I eventually had the brainwave, was not my scene either! I have now been working out with a small group of gals twice a week for a few years – and I’m really enjoying it and finding it easy to stay committed. The variety and the schedule suits, we are supportive & not competitive, and the accountability helps to get my butt out of bed those mornings. Thanks booty-buds!! The key – find what you enjoy and regular physical activity is easy to incorporate.

Also, the daily practice of yoga & meditation is definitely more consistent… it’s been an interesting introspection observing the Pressure of Perfection (self enforced & self defeating) morph into a Passion for Practice (self accepting & self nurturing)…

And not beating myself up for being less than the ‘ideal’ yogi – especially with the added imposition of the label of ‘a yoga teacher’!

I am human. I am not perfect.

I think there’s another article with “Confessions of a yoga teacher” somewhere in there but let’s stay on this path for now…

I do subscribe to the Buddha’s life motto of middle path living… not the extremes of one end or the other… we are here to learn, seek, challenge & grow… however we want to.

What I love is that now if I’m doing things that are not lined up with Mother Nature – the HUGE difference is that I’M AWARE…

I know that if I stay up to watch a movie, past my magical 9.30pm bedtime – I will feel this in my energy the next morning.

I know that if I choose to eat processed foods – my gut will let me know and I will feel the effects in my body, my mind and my energy. I have those light-bulb moments when the thought that pops in is like “That is the last time I will eat an apple turnover with cream.” That discernment I spoke of has gathered strength – knowing there is abundance in my world – but I don’t need to eat like its my last meal on earth. I can choose to not eat that chocolate right now – and know I can always have one tomorrow if I choose.

I am making these conscious choices. And I consciously choose the consequences of my actions.

I know that when I then choose to align with nature – my body and mind will be operating at their best. And its again a conscious choice to do that.

My awareness of the subtle energy has grown and the sensitivity I feel in what my pranic body shares with me is now more blatant.

I love witnessing the witness.

What I really enjoy is the wriggle room with these ten magically effective yet simplistic daily habits that I can now share as a part of my transformative wellness program, as a qualified Yoga Health Coach.

I love how unique this program is – aware that we are all unique, perfectly imperfect beings, so you create and incorporate the habits and practices into your life how you want and how they fit. This is adult learning at its finest – you are not told what to do (which is what we are so conditioned to in our society)… You are given guideposts and even a lighthouse but it’s up to you which way you travel the path towards your wellness goals, which way you are holding your life compass towards a Healthy Joyful Life.


So, basically in a nut shell, after this long sharing – this journey I’ve been on for 12 month now, has had a gigantic impact on me – on my body, my mind, my spirit. I am a different person to whom I was 12 months ago… and I am really intrigued to see where this yellow brick road leads.

Will you follow the bread crumbs too?


Interested in finding out more??