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 As a Holistic Health Coach with a special interest in essential oils, Ayurveda and meditation, I’m passionate about helping you unfold more into your growing edges.

The students and clients who connect with me are wanting to find balance emotionally and mentally. I can help you step towards your optimal health (these can be baby steps or gigantic bounds – you decide!)… connect deeper to your mind, body, emotions and spirit in a simple yet dynamic way and live vibrantly & joyfully!


In 2011, I left a successful nursing career of over 21 years, specializing in Paediatrics and Child Protection, to pursue work that was more closely aligned with my passion for personal growth and women’s empowerment. I believe by supporting the matriarch of the family unit on her own personal evolution, the wholeness of life experience for its members is championed with unwavering encouragement for living unabashedly authentic and shifting towards healthy advancement for future generations.

My first taste of yoga was about 20 years ago whilst pregnant with my firstborn. I returned to the studio when my children started school – with a sense of ‘coming home’Yoga had me under its magical spell… 

Formally, I completed Yoga Teacher Training through Australiasian Yoga Institute in 2010 and continue to explore my own growing edges through ongoing trainings and courses.



I’m a country girl at heart, who sings along with tunes in the car and is still exploring

my body’s ability to move towards advanced yoga poses.


Listen, I’m not your traditional yogi, not the type the media and marketing display as a ‘yogi’ – I’m the dessert-loving type, who really enjoys cuppa catch ups with dear friends… and my aim is to keep my sessions fun and accessible while sharing my knowledge with the students drawn to me. I firmly believe that yoga is for everyone, from the kale loving vegan to the die-hard carnivores. I may be a ‘bad’ yogi, but I actually think it’s more about being a REAL yogi ~ an authentic and imperfect human being.

My role is to support and encourage – not to judge – as everyone chooses what feels right for their health and own life path. I will share my knowledge of how our choices and habits can sabotage living a full life but in the end, it’s your call. So I believe I have to show up in all of my colours – we all have light and dark – so perhaps you learn something from me.

And the divine gift is that Yoga Health Coaching is designed to bridge the off-the-mat practices of yoga. You learn ‘how to have a body’ (something we seem to have lost the knowledge of – how to look after our bodies, not just the shower daily & brush your teeth twice a day kinda thing. It’s making sure this ‘vehicle’, aka our bodies, are serviced and kept in good working order to carry us into old age) and the lifestyle habits that accelerate your vibrant health path. What a perfect unity of my passions!


I believe that :

  • it’s time to redefine what a ‘perfect’ body is… the perfect body is the healthiest version of the body you already have!
  • self care is paramount to wellness
  • simple lifestyle habit changes ripple out
  • our personalized path to healing doesn’t have to be complicated
  • physical health is an integral foundation and spiritual evolution, a natural progression
  • we are conscious beings with the innate knowledge to make decisions that lead us to greater health and joy, but sometimes we need guidance, clarity, or reminders to help guide us in the right direction, to re-establish balance and vitality.


Looking forward to sharing this part of the yellow brick road with you!

Holding the compass,