I’m a Pitta, so I run.

A friend commented as we passed each other on the footpath this morning “Hey, I didn’t know you were a runner”. I felt the need to clarify so stopped my shuffling step and told her  “Oh no! I’m not that crazy – i just do it once a week.”

You see, I’m not like the larger percentage of yoga teachers – well, how the marketing and media project yogis anyway.

I grew up playing sport, not dancing (although I did win bronze in a disco competition once 😉 although I can’t remember if there were only 3 of us on the dance floor); and gymnastics was not my thing either despite my very talented neighbours trying to get me into backbends using the tramp… and the splits? Forget it!! I was riding dirt bikes in shorts and t-shirts, not wearing leotards or makeup.

You see, this body I’m still getting to know after 40+ years, wants to move, to play hard, and gets bored if the routine is too predictable. My physical activity routine varies every day of the week – yoga, walking, bootcamp circuit & running are regular sessions with swimming, cycling, paddleboarding and kayaking thrown in for fun. They all help my body to feel strong, and my mind to calm the hell down!

I’m predominately Pitta – the elements of fire and water govern my body and mind (learn about yourself with Ayurveda), so I like to – actually I need to – move, and my mind likes to be busy. And to balance these energies, it requires the opposite. I lean towards slower paced yin yoga, pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation, to help the nervous system to shift towards equilibrium.

In our fast-paced achievement-focused world, my Pitta is esacerbated just by work and life schedules. So, I need to pause more to be balanced.

So Summer has arrived here in the subtropics (with very little Winter and seemingly non-existent Spring) sending this little flushed, sweaty duck dripping all the way home.