Now I’ve got your attention… as you know, from anyone who has had children, this statement is a farce most of the time!!

One of my observations is that soooo many people are not getting good night’s sleep!

There are cycles we go through in life so granted, there will be times when sleep is evasive but it shouldn’t last for what seems FOREVER!

There are ways to help with getting quality sleep so hope you find something here that increases your zzzz’s count…

Check your activity level -because so much of our work is now mental instead of physical, by incorporating at least 15 minutes a day of exercise will give your body the activity and oxygen it need to help you relax more.

Check your magnesium and calcium – this is why the traditional cup of warm milk before bed was used in old days… calcium works directly on nerves and helps  you relax. Magnesium has a calming effect on the nervous system (considered the ’anti-stress’ mineral and is a natural tranquilizer.)

Unfortunately the foods we ingest nowadays do not contain these minerals in adequate levels so we may find the use supplements beneficial (make sure you choose a quality one). If you are under medical care, please check with your doc.

Check your sleeping patterns – keep regular hours (bed by 10pm and up by 6am at the latest!); don’t nap or sleep in (disturbs the routine you are trying to establish…) and remember that as we age, we don’t need as much sleep.  Early morning sunshine is very health giving ~ another reason to get out there & exercise first thing.

Check your mental state – if you are stressed or anxious, it may help to write them down, talk them over with a friend, or perhaps enjoy some relaxation music. In line with your beliefs ~ prayer or meditation may also be very helpful.

Check your alcohol – it may feel like it’s soothing you but it prevents a deep rest.

Check your nocturnal habits – remember the bedroom is for intimacy and sleep—not a place for computers, mobile phones or TV!!

Last word…bear in mind that according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), 1-3am is liver time so if this is your usual wake up time, perhaps you should consider a detox to help take the pressure off the liver??


Ruta VaLa is a Young Living Essential Oil blend formulated to relax the body and mind, counter stressed nerves, and revitalise passion. Rue has been shown to increase drowsiness; Valerian promotes a sense of sleepiness; Lavender soothes and relaxes.This is a awesome product to help turn the brain off!

Wishing you restful and restorative blissful sleep x