“Essential oils are the most powerful substances on Earth as they pass through mucous membranes and cross the blood-brain barrier (due to fat solubility), are smaller than powders and herbs and are therefore more effective.”

DAY 1:    

Family First Aid – don’t use cheap oils and expect positive results!!

Synthetic or adulterated essential oils carry toxins into the body (inhaled they lead straight to brain; ingested they get filtered by liver).

Wellness approach to dealing with stress – stress can be internal pressure (self created), external pressure (eg job) and our quest for identity… manage with coping mechanisms, maintain wellness principles,

MORNING WATER drink 2 glasses water before consuming anything else.  Add nutmeg/En-r-gee/black pepper oils to recharge adrenals along with deep breathing. 

Monthly massage for detox.

Focus on love.

New oils

Blue Cypress for skin conditions eg psoriasis, eczema.

Candida successfully treated with lemon myrtle (due to high % citral). 

Weight loss (along with holistic approach to reforming eating patterns) can be assisted with ingestion of lemon myrtle as it increases energy burned, balances blood sugar levels and weight, refines abdominal girth and decreases fat cell size.


“One Gift” – movie premiere of the Frankincense trail documentary made by Gary Young.  This will be available for purchase!!


DAY 2:

Essential oils for pets – check out www.oilyvet.com for info in treating a wide range of animals and conditions.

Essential oils and healing @ Quantum level – Health is a natural state resulting from alignment with original DNA blueprint.

Healing occurs when DNA blueprint is restored, allowing replacement quanta to form healthy cells.

Toxic Mould – over 50 conditions are linked to mould exposure (www.moldRX4U.com)!!!

How and why: Thieves is the only way to kill mould because the cell membrane of a mould spore is made of the same substance as shellfish shell!  No wonder it is so hard to kill!!!

Vitality – a way of being, not just of doing. 

Fullness of life: energy, passion, freedom.  How many sands are left in your hourglass? 

Epigenetics – DNA is not iron-clad, it is plastic, bend it at will. 

You still have a pre-disposition but you don’t necessary need to create it.

Outback Spectacular Show – can highly recommend this event!  AWESOME!! YL booked the whole centre out for convention attendees!!


DAY 3:

Oils ain’t oils – palo santo (anti-tumoral, anti-blastic);  oregano (reverses scoliosis); dorado azul (balance hormones, anti-tumoral, scar tissue, asthma); endoflex (adrenal exhaustion/failure); rutavala (neuro-compromised conditions); clove (equivalent to aspirin in thinning blood); cypress/juniper/lemon (kidney function); coriander (Candida)

Cleansing – * liver health (liver has the highest % of fat cells, fat is where chemicals are stored); clean colon first then liver. 

* Excess weight contributes to cancer (42% breast cancer & 43% colon cancer is linked to overweight) and heart disease. 

* Prioritize alkalinizing your body.  Eat acid binding foods (tea/grape juice/milk/fruits/all veggies). 

* Don’t eat meat after 3pm (body stops producing these digestive enzymes until 12 hours later).

* 20 years ago chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and Epstein Barr did not exist… treat Candida

* Arthritis/fibromyalgia treat with asparagus juice and eliminating bread from diet.