Healthy Body + Happy Mind

I noticed through my career as a nurse that many of my patients knew what they should be doing to live a healthier life – but they couldn’t seem to make the changes themselves (not for the long haul anyway.)

People keep stepping on ‘landmines’ – poor food choices, drink alcohol in excess, limited or no physical activity, not making time for adequate sleep, smoking, not dealing with emotions or leaving spiritual needs unattended… and wondering why they are sick!

Through my Yoga Teaching and Bodywork therapies, many of my students and clients have discovered subtle shifts in how they feel and general worldview evolution… however this can be a distance away from experiencing life in all its colours as well.

Information does not necessarily mean implementation for transformation… It comes down to an untapped essence…

It’s your support crew – your cheer squad… that’s the “hidden in plain view secret” of our health upgrade and transformation – find a like-hearted community and watch how easily you can step into the improved version of yourself.


BOTTOM LINE = YOU are responsible for your own health

not the doctor, not the healthcare professional, not your whoever…


Done by the daily choices you make Every. Single. Day.

I can help – I can guide you – it’s simple and sustainable.

“Every disease has underlying causes. Once these causes are removed the body’s innate ability to heal kicks in and unfolds with reduced pain, increased mobility, boundless energy and most of all a happy and joyful mind”
Using the world’s most ancient health system to assist the body to find its wellness state, this helps dispel the causes of dis-ease and take away the symptoms in the process. This different emphasis represents a profoundly different view of the world and how it works.