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Talking about daily habits is about as exciting as talking about our dirty laundry.

But, what is super exciting is to see how people can make massive progress in a short period of time.

Here are the most common results we’re seeing from the 10 habits in the 10 week program:

  • More energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Settling into Optimal Body Weight
  • Decrease in Anxiety
  • An experience of calmness and centeredness
  • Strengthening of daily health practices, including mindfulness/meditation + Breath Body Practices
  • A profound shift in the perspective of aging + health evolution


Healthy, Joyful Living anyone???

I know you’re here to take your body care to the next level. We’re going to do that through coaching you into better body habits over time. Let me tell you why:

Neither my training as a Registered Nurse or as a Yoga Teacher taught me how to actually break down the process of supporting my patients and students to successfully implement better habits. We suggested, we recommended, we encouraged, even role modeled – but never had the skills to help guide the successful acquisition of change of habit – from a conscious choice during a motivated or inspired moment, to a unconscious habit or ritual that ‘this is how we now live’. It aligns with how we see our selves. It becomes our identity.

After years of working with yoga students and clients as a holistic health practitioner, I realized that my work wasn’t nearly as effective as I had hoped. My students and clients knew what would help them. But knowledge wasn’t enough.

That was when I realized that I needed to find another way of helping to create the shifts and changes my students and clients were seeking long term… as humans we naturally evolve together – not on our own. The wellness transformations happen much faster and they stick when experienced as a collective group. The gifts of tribes need to be rediscovered. I discovered there was serious need for serious support for how to implement better habits for the long haul.

As a society, time is of an essence… the status quo needs to shift.

I see my purpose as helping those who want to improve health, upgrade wellness, and even supercharge their experience on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual… and simple, daily habits is the starting point – the first stepping stone on this journey.

This program turns our understanding of health and disease upside down.

As your Yoga Health Coach – I’m all about supporting, informing and guiding you

on living a better life in a better body.

This is Transformative Wellness

so get ready to evolve and step into the

supercharged version of your-self and your life.


The depth of connection, immersion and integration is yours to choose



Gain all of the online resources for this highly potent and transformative course to proceed on your own, without the individual and personal support of the health coach.



Connecting with others also wanting to improve their health and lifestyle, the collective group consciousness, support and connectivity will help you to shift and grow more deeply and more quickly.


Diving into the program on a solo journey allows you to focus on the specifics for your own health improvements, with the support of the health coach as your accountability partner and cheer squad. Magic will happen.

Let’s ROCK THIS and create a BRAND NEW WORLD!!


“More and more as I get older and life gets more complicated and there seems to be more and more “to do” I am making everything I do “a job” that has to be crossed off the list before I think I can be relaxed and happy. Like most modern Mums I feel like I am always looking after everyone else all the time so they can be great people and that gets a bit tiring….but….I’m working on it!! 

Loved the course. I certainly feel better when my new habits are a part of my life everyday. And many of the new habits are automatic already. It feels so good … and my blood sugar levels have already improved“.😊 (Jenny)


“In my career I spend my days espousing the importance of self care but I have not practiced what I preach and found myself getting fatter, tireder and more disconnected from myself.  I tried numerous restrictive diets and fads to bring myself back in line but found them unsustainable, blaming myself for failing.

Then the universe directed me to you and this program – hallelujah!! It just makes sense to me. Small, sustainable changes that are putting me on the path to better health – physically and emotionally. It’s gentle which works for me but it also provides future direction – there’s no end goal or destination but simply an acceptance of where I’m at and where I can go. In practical senses I liked getting the resources early – I could mentally prepare and there was no secrets as to what was to come. I also LOVE that this is not a one size fits all program – it’s about working from where you are – A to B or Y to Z – just as you promised Sheralee!! I guess that’s the other thing – it doesn’t make false promises or pretend to be the ultimate answer – it just shows you there’s another way that may work better for you and guides you in your exploration of this.

So end result thus far – I’m a few kilos lighter, emotionally clearer and calmer and definitely more connected to me!!  Thanks Sheralee for your guidance because even though these changes are small they’ve made a huge difference to my family and I and that’s the stuff that’s priceless.” (Sarah)


“Sheralee was a wonderful coach. Always very encouraging and supportive. Sheralee always listened attentively to everyone in the group, encouraged everyone to share their thoughts, was completely non-judgmental, and always offered advice on strategies to overcome any difficulties or lapses any of us were experiencing. She created a very safe, nurturing environment for us to grow. I couldn’t be happier with my experience of the program under Sheralee’s guidance.” (Alison)