If you are looking for prosperity or abundance this is an important question. Take for example your relationship, or “A” relationship. How often do we experience people who so desperately are looking for a relationship they push every hope of one away. They text, ring, send presents, almost stalk their intended. The more this attitude escalates, the more distasteful it becomes. Eventually driving the two people apart.

The other kind of relationship is one of following or allowing. An invitation is given.. the door is opened… and you can walk through when and how you wish. It is a much more related and productive way to do things. Empowering to both parties.

It is the same with money. The more desperate you are to acquire it, the more you run after it, guess what, the more the energy is pushed away (and money really is only an energy). If you can trust that whatever needs arise will be addressed, then the energy known as money can come towards you. I don’t mean that you sit on the couch and just wait, you have to go about your daily business, but with an attitude of love and trust, not one of grasping and getting.

The energy of money is the same manifestation as Divine Love. It serves to support our worldly needs. If you align yourself with the energy of Divine Love, then the energy and opportunities of abundance will be presented to you. You won’t have to chase them, they will just be there.

Sometimes it is just a matter of making good choices.