There’s a collective shift happening in regards to health, healing and well-being. As our health and happiness is not improving using traditional western medicine (note the ever increasing rates of obesity, chronic diseases & conditions such as autoimmune as well as mental health), we are starting to remember we are in control – it is our choices that impact on how we enjoy life.

We are moving from passive consumers of healthcare – wanting the quick fix of a “pill and a bill” and wanting the doctor to make us better – can you see a ‘dependency on external’ mindset here?

We don’t want to experience illness disturbing our lives so let’s get that magic bullet so we can get on with this unconscious way of living – so we don’t have to acknowledge our choices are actually the catalyst for the conditions we are complaining about (or the majority at least)?

There are regular landmines –

  • unhealthy food of convenience…
  • drinks comprised of sugar, alcohol or worse, chemicals…
  • sitting more and moving less…
  • sacrificing sleep for unconscious tv viewing (usually while on another device like phone or iPad)…
  • being miserable…

Lifestyle medicine is coming into the light – it’s our daily choices which most impacts positively or negatively on our health. We are emerging awake as we realise the old system doesn’t actually make us healthier – that quick fix pill has more side effects requiring more quick fix pills than the symptoms we wanted treated in the first place. Is that the hamster wheel you want to be running on?

We are the creators of our well-being. We are in control. This is our body and we are the ones to choose if we are going to enjoy vitality. With our eyes open, we can see that poor health is just a feedback loop – our bodies showing us that something needs to change. We are now realizing we are actively creating our experience. Are you owning your part of this deal?

Do you know tshirtideaNew Year resolutions have an extremely high unsuccessful rate? It’s because we make these decisions with our thinking brain & doing brain didn’t get the memo. High periods of motivation are extremely short lasting and flippant. To get to the finish line, you need to make it easier to stay on track – to achieve the outcome you are wanting.

This is where the power of coaches really steps up to help. Just like a sports coach, a wellness coach will help guide you to ‘shoot 3 pointers’ with your food choices, ‘hit home runs’ with your physical activity & fitness, have the ‘steadiest of archery mindset’ with your mindfulness or even to just ‘run a better race’ with your body moving towards health more synergistically overall.

The coach is not going to give you a quick fix, not going to ‘make you better’ without you needing to lift a finger, make any effort or change anything so you can go back to sabotaging your health with no awareness or insight. The wellness coach is on your side, holding the space for you to feel supported enough to step up and own your health and supercharge your well-being. You can develop courage, reflection, self-love (or at least self-like), other inner quality resources.

But wellness coaches don’t own your progress or outcome. It’s not a reflection on the coach if you don’t do the work… if you choose to continue on your current path of destruction.

The shift is from dependency on external healthcare professionals to an empowered relationship with yourself. And the coach will guide your knowledge and skills set to help you get there.

So you have the choice – the systems don’t need to be exclusive as there is a place for both allopathic (western) and natural lifestyle healthcare in our world. We just need to be wise enough to see if we are promoting our health or sacrificing it.

Are you willing to take responsibility? Will you stand on the podium with a long enjoyable life experience?

Get ready… Set… GO!