No matter if you apply these steps to your relationship, your job, or just life in general, everything will not only look different, it will be different for you…

1. STAY AMAZED – Keep discovering something new and interesting in whatever you are experiencing,  even if it is just the drive to work. You can be bored, you can be closed up— but in the end there is only one person who can take time to smell the roses—YOU!

2. APPRECIATE THE DIFFERENCES – Instead of judging the difference, appreciate that we all are different, we all approach situations from different angles, and we all see things differently.  Don’t talk “about the mountain”- the more you do that the bigger it gets. Talk “to the mountain”.  Communication is at the heart of change.

3. DON’T COMPARE – The grass is always greener where it is most cared for, which is not necessarily on the other side of the fence.  There really is no right or wrong—it all depends on the day and the circumstances.  What is right on one day is wrong the next.  It all depends on your INTENTION.

4. SERVE – In order to get, you have to give.  If you want more money then give more money, if you want a bigger house than help someone else get a bigger house, if you want a better job then help someone else get a better job.  Paying forward is what it is all about— it seems counter intuitive, but it bears out every time.  Someone once said to me that you can ‘t receive with closed fists.

5. CELEBRATE – Nothing can be built on top of a crumbling structure.  “Forgiveness” clears the ground, and “celebration” raises the new structure.  Take time and build it with joy.

Talk to one another, truthfully, timely, and tactfully and celebrate the love at the core of your being.