What a wonderful evening we shared with approx 40 like-minded souls who joined together for the End of Year gathering.

We chanted ~ and all sounded awesome (feel that energy!)…

We surrendered to the Fire in our ceremony to release that which no longer serves us in preparation for the new year and its exciting opportunities… and

Delighted in Tina’s delicacies and yummy chai whilst connecting with each other, forming new friendships or catching up with established ones…

Riding on the wave of this powerful full moon, I suspect we will enjoy the fruits of our evening for some time to come.

Thank you for the donations to our local charity collection, embracing the spirit of giving, and know local families will benefit and will be very grateful for your generosity.

To continue creating the life direction you would love to experience, why not create a vision board? These are very powerful and a wonderful way of checking in, connecting with your heart’s true desires and allow the universe to flow through.

We are honoured that you allow us to share this part of your journey, for however long you choose.

May 2013 see you living the life you always thought you would, with optimal health and abundance in all areas of your life.

Namaste ~ I honour the light I see in you… as I also see it in myself.

Shanti Shanti Shanti