“I came to see you as a ‘last resort’ after a mutual friend thought you might be able to help me. The Poly cystic kidney disease was progressing quickly. I had been seeing various doctors (my local GP as well as specialists which required frequent trips to Brisbane too) for kidney failure as my blood tests showed the function levels continued to fall.

They were keeping a very close eye on me but any treatment didn’t seem to be helping. They were starting to prepare for dialysis and I wanted to see what else could help me.

And I’m so amazed!

After only 3 raindrops treatments with you all one month apart, as well as the homework you gave me with reflexology point massage and adding a couple of things to my diet, my blood levels are now holding steady and I feel much better – the ‘dense’ feeling over my kidneys feels lighter or clearer or something after I have the raindrop massage.

And the great news is that the doctors only want to see me every 3 months now instead of  every month (which meant I previously had a doctors appointment every week).

So even though I’m not out of the woods, life is certainly easier and much better having regular treatments with you.

Thank you for your help.” (Oct 2017, GB)