After immersing in an amazing experience during yoga class this morning, with gorgeous shiny like-hearted souls, it bubbled away in my mind how we can allow yoga to permeate our life experience – or not.

I think it comes back to one significant point:

  • Do you yoga because it’s the current trendy hip thing to do – to be able to say “I go to yoga every week”… is it something you can blow off when you get a ‘better’ offer??
  • Or has yoga become a necessity – a compulsory part of your life? Do you feel strange when you haven’t filled your yoga cup… like life is off centre & outta wack?

Do you find some of the information shared in class hits a raw nerve? And do you take this personally?? I can assure you that my sharings are not premeditated – only guided inspiration… as is the rest of the session. So if you find something said is making you uncomfortable, pushing an emotional button – look at it as an opportunity to reflect – embrace Svadhyaya and become an expert of you… and remember you don’t have to accept anything I say – if it doesn’t land and feel right in your heart – LET IT GO! We are explorers, all on our own paths, all at different stages of our journeys.

Then once you have ticked the ‘I’ve done yoga this week’ box, how does the rest of your day and week flow? Does yoga, not the physical stretch/balance/strength practice, but the more subtle parts – yamas (how we treat others), niyamas (how we treat ourselves), mindfulness, presence… infiltrate your daily life?

Do you find when instructed to explore your growing edge on the mat in asana – not push into pain but explore the whispers – that in your day to day, you explore opportunities for how you can expand your growing edges as well? Like not reacting in automated conditioned response patterns, but pausing and looking deeper into the situation that triggered a reaction… perhaps respond with more enquiry for clarity and not egotistically defend your position at all costs.

Do you feel after you leave the red doors behind, that yoga is ‘done’? Does Ahimsa – be kind/non-harming – continue to stay in your mindset… or is it easy to engage in gossip, to think ill of another, to scold the kid? Is reverting to entrenched habits mindlessly reinforced, the basic core value of integrity not observed? It takes a mindful person to admit fault and apologise. It takes a mindful person to stand alone in the crowd and say that’s not ok. It takes a mindful person to be able to witness these patterns and embody Satya (truth).

Do you realise the depth yoga can bring to your life experience?

If what I share during our yoga sessions helps you on some level – whether it’s an uncomfortable recoil that also feels somehow right or an AH-HA! moment with talking skin or sparkling crown chakra that signifies an Absolute Truth recognised on the soul level (you know those signs I’m speaking of don’t you?) – then my role as a teacher is fulfilled… I don’t see my place as helping you get into advanced poses – that’s not my kinda yoga (there’s plenty of other teachers who can if this is your aim)… my role is to help open minds and hearts, to shine lights into the shadows to expand awareness of how amazing life can be, to rediscover how amazing You are in the depths of your own power and magic happens.

Yoga is an experience for the Body| Mind| Spirit… we explore and enhance the body temple. We unpack the corners of the mind to make way for peace. We caress the spirit and settle in the light that shines in all of us – some times brighter than others but we can all do with some guidance along the way. That’s what this whole human experience gig is all about!

The meaning in our lives is discovered not by the practice of yoga—but by its embodiment.

Our true state of being is revealed—let’s take a deep breath and go diving together.