This is the time of year we should begin to think of cleansing, and a fast or detox should be the first in our arsenal. With all the social occasions, we tend to eat and drink way more than usual and to help our bodies cope, a simply diet for a few days helps enormously…

If you are sluggish, maybe a little over what you should weigh, a fast would be PERFECT. (REMEMBER – if you eat ‘clean’, the body will find it’s ideal weight all on it’s own… eat for health!)

There are many ways. If there were only one, then a whole lot less diet books would be sold. The easiest is to do a smoothie /juice fast.

For some just drinking juice they get awfully hungry. Besides, smoothies use all of the vegetable or fruit, even the skin.

One of my favourites is GREEN POWER

HOW: Blend 1 cup of apple juice, a handful of cut parsley, half an apple or pear, a chunk of celery, 3 dates and add anything else green e.g. spinach. For taste, try adding ginger.

Energy giving, slimming, and great for your inner and outer health.

If you anticipate a physical day, you can add yoghurt and a banana. DELICIOUS!!

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Tricks to Lose Belly Fat

· Lose the equipment – there is no magic cure…

· Keep the workout short  – 20 mins

· Keep it intense – interval training (30 sec hard, 15 sec easy… repeat)

· Use the whole body – major muscles burn more energy

· Consistency is the key – 3-4 times a week move it!

· Home workouts make it easy to incorporate it into your lifestyle…


Foods that Fight Fat

*Brussels sprouts & cabbage

*Broccoli & cauliflower


*Nuts & berries


*Whole eggs (choose free range)

Enjoy veggies lightly steamed or raw.

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