For the last couple of months, I’ve refocused and had renewed commitment to deepening my understanding of myself. You see, I ‘stumbled’ onto a yoga course like no other and it has been a beautiful guiding light.

There are specific times of the year that I ‘check in’, make sure I’m happy with my general life direction and if anything needs to change or shift. Of course, New Year’s is an obvious one that I’m sure many use as a spirit measure.

There’s 3 tools which I have added – mind-blowingly simple to implement and to use which have created change for me…

1. Green Smoothies for breaky – easy peasy in our Queensland summers. My body needs more than juice (which I’ve tried & tried to stick to previously) so I add nut milk for protein and a source of good fat – usually some LSA or coconut oil… and I’m not starving within an hour, and even get to lunch without a second thought…

2. Discernment – this word really resonates with me so when I feel the drawing vortex of a treat (I’m an emotional eater) this word pops up and I consciously choose whether to eat it or not. And if I choose to eat – I enjoy every mouthful without chastising myself.

3. Reconnecting with my daily meditation and yoga practice – BUT… SIMPLE PRACTICES! (K.I.S.S.) And for a time frame that works with my family and work commitments… I can envision doing the same practices when I’m 80 – that’s how simple they are…

All of this had led to noticing changes very quickly – in an area that we mostly share – Body Weight.

Those that know me well, know I have a 2 kg range I’m happy for my weight to sit in… allows for the living of life, without beating myself up if my weight is not that ‘magic number’ as well as the very natural movement of water with the cycles… but that range hasn’t been happening for about 18 months… Not that I let it blow out too far – only a couple more kgs – but it was as if I couldn’t get my head in the game.

With an athletic build, I’ve never been one of those ‘skinny supermodel’ types. And isn’t that a challenge with marketing? I was even told by another yoga course provider that I was “very curvy” which would be embraced if I lived in Brazil!

So, my curves are embraced in some cultures… and my jeans stay up without a belt… and I never have to consider butt implants… good to know.

Anyway, just sharing my experience that making these very simple – but generally not intensely food focused – changes has allowed my body to find its natural centre. Our choices, made every day, impact on what we experience in the sometimes not too distant future.

I look forward to seeing where else this all takes me!