Do you have to hit rock bottom before you make changes in your life? WHY?

Why do we humans need to ‘break down’ (physically with a condition or a more serious disease, or the emotional/mental breakdown which ripples into so many areas of our lives) before we take the steps that if we had taken sooner, would have saved us a whole lot of suffering and pain, perhaps money and even loss.

Because humans will always lean towards pleasure and avoid pain.

That’s just how we are wired – if it’s harder work to choose a healthier option, if it requires more energy and effort, we will lean towards the softer and easier option.

The easier option – stay sitting on the couch with the remote in hand… grab another take away prepared by someone else… drink and eat excessively so we are distracted from our deeper feelings of unhappiness – either in our work, our relationship, our place in life… then finally fall into a hopefully deep slumber and sleep late so we can feel pressured by the clock in the morning and once again, not have spare time for those niggling unfulfilled feelings and thoughts to filter in… to turn up to a job we don’t enjoy, to work for a boss we don’t like, working long hours to cut down on work-life balance, to earn money to spend on things – which we think will help compensate for our unhappiness by giving us a moment of joy – even though it may be on credit and ultimately keeps us on this ridiculous rat-race wheel.

But where does that leave us?

Our bodies are miracles of self-healing machines. They do their best to keep us going – rally the troops to fight disease, to stop blood flowing, to digest whatever we put into our stomachs, to get rid of the toxic chemicals, hormones injected to compensate for not enough sleep and rest, to maintain homeostasis as best it can for as long as it can – until it gets sooo pooped, it starts to lose the battle. It’s fought gallantly against the toughest and most persistent adversary (You and your choices) and starts to become depleted and worn out.

Welcome to your 40’s or perhaps a little earlier or if you’re lucky a little later. Is this resonating for you? (read about my personal wake up call here)

Where are you going to draw your line in the sand?

When are you going to step up and support your body’s innate and amazing gift of self healing rather than sabotage it at every turn?

When are you going to own your health? Stress is a fact of life as we know it. How can we help to manage the fallout – and even thrive into our wisdom years?

This is where the rubber hits the road. Health is a revolutionary act – you will be choosing more involved and supportive lifestyle habits. You will be living life intentionally – and not habitually as the status quo of previous patterns and inherited programming.

Your body will be so thankful – and so will you as you age with grace and ease.