Do you agree that knowledge is powerful?

Do you think knowledge in action has the power to transform your life?

Are you going to do something about it?

If you have the knowledge, it is up to you to put it into action…

Ayurveda (over 5000 years old) is the science of longevity. We are all born with different constitutions, with an unique combination of the 5 elements – water, wood, fire, metal, earth.

5 elements

Linked with the five elements are emotional tendencies & each element has an organ system—

  • water is kidneys and bladder (fear);
  • wood is liver & gall bladder (anger, resentment);
  • fire is heart & intestines (overwhelmed, anxiety, nervousness);
  • metal is lungs & colon (unacknowledged grief, aloof, sadness);
  • earth is stomach & spleen (disharmony, worry).

In Ayurveda there are 6 Stages of Dis-ease. In Stage 5 & 6 (disease is recognizable & chronic illness) is when you can go to the doctor and get a diagnosis, but you didn’t suddenly get unwell. There is an intelligence in the body always working towards restoring the body to balance.

Stage 1 is developing imbalance which is easily corrected.

Stage 2, the warning signs are more noticeable…

In the 3rd stage, the imbalance & symptoms disperse throughout the body.

And in Stage 4, imbalances lodge where there is weakness in the body and often motivate us to seek medical attention.  Generally, whilst in stage 3/4, we have an inner knowing that something is not quite right but nothing shows up on any tests.

We need to process all emotions – the ones we feel good, we want more of, and the ones we don’t feel good, instead of trying to get rid of it or ignore, push it down, how about working through them? Because when we don’t deal with the emotion, it is ‘undigested’ which leads to toxicity, goes to genetic weak areas, and become stuck in our bodies. Negative emotions are there for a purpose… Anger helps us find out what makes us tick, work out our boundaries.

Young Living has essential oils to support the processing and transcending of emotions, so they are digested and healed.

Water:  Valor, Frankincense

Wood: Release, Forgiveness

Fire: Envision, Peace & Calming

Metal: Trauma Life, Joy

Earth: Harmony, Melissa

By embracing with our uniqueness, we can travel our path and be a shining light for others. Explore and discover…