After noticing the amazing effects and changes in my husband since he has commenced the Horstmann Technique, I wish to tell you the wonderful results that I have noticed in him.

Not only myself but the children have all noticed the differences. My husband is more energetic, much less stressed physically and emotionally. He is exerting his charisma and seems to be in harmony with himself and all others.

You have managed to unblock and release many emotionally and unhealed structural strains and injuries which he has carried for many many years.

Amazingly on top of all this, I have noticed that the so called “gout” or “arthritis” (which the doctors cannot work out what it is or what causes it) in his right wrist, has completely disappeared since having your treatment. Normally, when the weather turns cold or he has used the wrist heavily, it appears, not anymore!

I am very much looking forward to having the Horstmann treatment on 2nd May.

Thank you for the wonderful things you have done for my husband.

Kindest regards