AUTOMONY: choose to show up. Are you where you want to be professionally, financially, or your health? Choose to be one of the 20% who take action towards their goals.

GIVE GRATITUDE: wake up & go to sleep with gratitude in your heart and thoughts EVERYDAY!

MAINTAIN AN ALKALINE BODY: When your body is acidic the mind usually goes into denial, lacks focus and may go into a constant flux of sabotage. Alkalising your body is the 1st fundamental process that everyone should do to create optimal health.

OESTROGEN DOMINANCE: toxins in our environment impact detrimentally on our hormones. Work towards chemical free lifestyle.

HAVE REGULAR TESTS: to ensure your health stays on track. Encourage men to own their health.

YOU CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH: work from where you are towards optimal health. Have a preventative Holistic Wellness Plan.                          

(Wayne Pickstone)