0333hrs Mind Chatter…

If it’s ever publicly released what this current government has done to “stop the boats” and “manage” the refugee centres, we as a compassionate, caring society will be horrified. But I wonder will it be any different to other government secrets that have never been discovered? Hidden in the shroud of secrecy “for the good of our great country”?

When the media is muzzled through the ownership by one or two very powerful and influential families, who control what is reported, and in what light it is to be reported, how can we trust anything we see or hear – on the tv, radio or in the papers? We can’t. We have to maintain a critical eye on anything, everything, with the thought process of “Who does this serve to be seen in this way?”

And then you reflect on how our government representatives – elected as ‘public servants’ (to act for the good of the community) – who have the power to give themselves pay rises to ridiculous levels of income, when the majority of its people are on or under the poverty line, struggling under the load of coping with the ever increasing costs of living…

Is this an accurate reflection of how the general population is viewed by the power that be? Subservient and dumb enough to allow this to happen??

AND these two cohorts – media moguls & pollies – are in bed together for…. (drum roll)…

Power & Greed.

Think about it… Those who control the resources, the information, the money, control the world. How will this play out I wonder…

We have international doctors coming to Australia – a large percentage are recruited regionally. These provide a wonderful service on the whole and a number don’t bring their families with them. Their wages are sent back to their families. One of the reasons I’ve been told? In their own countries of origin, doctors are public servants and are paid minimal wages to serve the community. So they come here where the income is extremely high, and their ‘ranking’ some would like to believe is God like.

There is a revolution happening… we are in the middle and may not be aware. Each generation has been moving towards it, playing our own small part. Gen Y & Z are being raised to question everything. And I’ve heard a number of examples in the last few days how the old is being challenged by the new.

The old school “never question authority” is tut-tutting how the new & forward thinkers are doing just that.

A student nurse questions a senior doctor’s order – who the hell does she think she is??!!! But if she gave the medication, and something was wrong, who would be ultimately held accountable for the error and potential patient harm? The nurse! She has a duty of care and she will be left swinging, or pushed under the bus, by the doctors who have demonstrated time and again how they close ranks around their own – sometimes with a slap on the wrist.

Our defense forces are at the beck and call for the government. Yes, to protect our great country and our way of life. Their ability to commit themselves to this endeavour is admirable. Willingness to put themselves in harms way is not for the faint hearted.

But, can you imagine what they have been asked to do? Actually, ordered to do? We’re not talking active war here… And do you think they’re allowed to question an order? And what happens if they don’t agree to harm the innocent – to carry out an order which is in violation of basic human rights?

Is this one of the reasons our defense force personnel have an ever increasing rate of suicide and PTSD??

It’s time for egos to be sunk.

It’s time for the small voices to be heard.

It’s time for those who can help get the message out to not be blackmailed into silence with fear or gagged with threats and red tape, treated like they are the criminals for standing up for the unheard and unseen, the young, old and innocent.

These are crimes against humanity.

We as a civilised society will be horrified to our very cores.

How can we call ourselves ‘proud’ Aussies?

Those who are brave enough to speak out are fighting a great battle, on their own, isolated, out of the public eye, against all the red tape and old ways of ‘how it’s always been’. But that doesn’t make it right. And I applaud you for standing up for what is right and just for humanity.

Eyes open and look up people. Integrity is our oath.