I’d been living in a bit of a daze – existing, no real goal, so no real purpose – after the horrid death from cancer of both parents.

In the background, my back/hip/leg pain had been steadily getting worse… lingering sciatic pain from two previous back surgeries fighting to be heard as I forgot protocols and put on weight.

I don’t remember HOW I first heard about the Horstmann Technique, but I most certainly remember the first visit!

I floated out of there and was already planning my next visit.

My back/hip pain had gone (although not for long) and I generally felt freer and lighter.
Three visits later and the pain is gone (with occasional flare ups) although I need to work on a few things myself too, but more importantly, I feel general relief, like the physical pain had trapped my inner or emotional pain.

Horstmann is like a drug to me.

I can’t wait for my next “hit”.

The after effects too, I feel they linger longer, giving me more of a chance to “get my act together” and put this “chilled” me to good use.

Let’s get to work!

(MR Dec 2014)