Lose Weight Mindfully

Add some simple lifestyle habits for natural optimal body weight and long lasting health…


So… you want to lose weight?  Have you tried in the past – and even succeeded but it’s found you again? And brought some extras along with them? Sooo much research says you are not alone!

Have you had enough of counting points, counting calories, measuring portions and restricting certain foods?

Do you know there are healthy and unhealthy ways to achieve a healthy body weight? Skipping meals, popping diet pills and replacing real food with shakes or bars made of a chemical sh!tstorm are a few of the unhealthy ways – and don’t get me started on the current menu of surgical options!

The issue I see is that it’s taken years – decades even – of personal choices to get to this stage and create our current state of health and weight – and then we want the Abracadabra moment and VIOLA! We are showered in a shining stardust whirlwind and our body is returned to its perfect proportions – no effort, no conscious choice, no upgrade in our knowledge of how to live a healthy life.

And our bodies are telling us ENOUGH! There’s only so much it can manage on its own… it needs us to help by creating a health promoting environment… and then – we thrive!

I’ve created a system that teaches you how to change simple lifestyle habits that will help the weight shift as your body moves towards its healthy balance.


Allow the ancient wisdom of health and healing to guide you with a healthy lifestyle, and notice your body release unwanted weight seemingly like magic!

This 5000 year old knowledge (now supported by western science) is about getting to know your body – how to promote and support healthy digestion, how to allow and encourage the body’s innate self healing, connecting, nurturing and providing the environment for you to experience long lasting benefits where the weight is released once and for all. I’m going to teach you how.

Incorporate 4 simple, yet very effective, health promoting daily practices – focusing on one each week… allow that habit to settle into your routine before adding the next habit. And you don’t even have to do the habits 7 days a week to have the benefits! 4-5 days a week (solid B grade) will allow you to experience results.

This is a sub-set of the transformative wellness program Easeful Vitality.

When you join in this Lose Weight Mindfully 28 day immersion e-course, you will receive:

  • Bi-weekly emails offering support and education on habit science, behavioral science, eastern and western research
  • PDF of 4 lifestyle changing habits to download – TIP: print these out and keep them somewhere you’ll see them regularly as you begin improving your daily healthy habits.
  • Recordings of 4 lifestyle changing habits to view – to help you understand and integrate these new habits into your life.
  • Inclusion into a closed, exclusive group forum to support, encourage & inspire you. Research shows over and over again that it’s the community – aka support crew – that helps us create change and experience different results in our lives. When you surround yourself with others who are making the same changes and going through the same things, it helps keep your momentum moving positively forward and reduces the chances of falling back to your old ways.

Create a lifestyle that allows your body to be healthy,

settle into its optimal weight, and enjoy your life for decades to come.


“I really enjoyed the program and looked forward to Sundays when I would listen to the presentations and read the info. It seemed to go really quickly and didn’t feel like 1 month at all (in fact, I was disappointed when it ended). The information made complete sense.

I have made some healthy changes like cutting down my coffee & drinking 2 litres of water… but knowing that it is actually a good thing to go to bed early is the best! I always felt bad that I wanted to go to bed early when everyone else was staying up late. Now I feel comfort knowing that its ok and I’m doing a good thing for my health. 

I know to improve my healthy habits, the program gives lots of good ideas in a positive way.” (Cat, May 2016)