I had fallen heavily and awkwardly 4 days prior and had injured my spine. The doctors discovered bulging discs at L3/4/5 and I was in a lot of pain, could move only very cautiously. I was having regular sessions with a physiotherapist.

With my session goal to be ‘pain free’, I booked in for a Raindrop Technique to see if it may help a little. But it did so much more than that!

From the moment I got up off the table, I was pain free!! The physio couldn’t believe the improvement.

These Young Living, therapeutic grade essential oils and the Raindrop Technique are magical and I even had a modified version because of my injury…

I felt fantastic and I remained pain free. Not only that, I also experienced emotional releases which I always look at as beneficial.

This is a very special treatment. I highly recommend it to anyone! Do yourself a favour!!

Thank you!!